A Theater Connection Born on the Sidelines of the Soccer Field …

… brings the Minotaur to Berkeley.

To the Princess Ariadne of Crete, The Minotaur is a beloved brother whom she has promised to protect. But how will she keep her promise when Theseus comes to slay him? Can she save the monster and the hero from each other?

WHAT: The Berkeley School stages: 

The Minotaur, a play by Carol S. Lashof

directed by Norman Johnson

 WHEN: Thursday, March 20 and Friday, March 21 at 7 pm

WHERE: Live Oak Theater, 1301 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

The details: The Minotaur is a production of the middle school drama program at The Berkeley School.  Ticket availability for the general public is limited.  Contact the school office for more information: (510) 665-8800.   The play is ideally suited for audiences 8 and up; there is nothing in it to offend younger children but be warned that it is a tragedy.

The soccer mom connection: Director Norman Johnson and I met when our daughters were playing soccer together on a club team in Berkeley.  Through years of screaming ourselves hoarse on the sidelines (Go, Mavericks!), we also found time to chat about our mutual love for theater, literature, teaching, and writing. And I began pushing scripts to him. I am thrilled that Norman is now directing this play with his students.

Reaching further back in the annals of parenting as networking:  The Minotaur was originally written for and performed by the Young People’s Theatre of Ann Arbor, Michigan in a production directed by Kate Mendeloff.  Having worked with me in the context of adult professional theater, Kate invited me to write something that she could direct for the youth ensemble at YPT.  Collaborations followed on Persephone Underground and then The Minotaur.  But before we worked together as theater artists, we hung out with our babies together in the neighborhood—introduced by mutual friends on the grounds that we both had newborn daughters.

 Persephone Underground and The Minotaur are published and licensed by YouthPLAYS  <www.youthplays.com>

Thank you to the daughters, who are now all wonderful young adults: Erica, Midori, Elisabeth, and Nora.

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